27 Jun

Sri Lanka – childhood games and special needs in the USA #9

Our supervisor, Rachelle, called sick this day. I asked to be assigned for the physiotherapy for three boys again. After the usual feeding of the students on the wheelchairs and the break, we needed to invent our own activities.

Michelle, since she is a psychologist, had written assessments for the students. It included her opinion about the status, diagnose and suggestions about specific students. Due to the lack of resources (they come from donations), the orphanage is especially happy when the volunteers are professionals in relevant areas.

The rest of volunteers hanged out with students in the yard. I recalled a couple of games from my childhood and invited the students who can play and a couple of volunteers into a class.

The first game is called a “ring”. One player should pass a “ring” to one of the participants without being caught by the “watcher”.

The second game was to find a hidden object, while the seeker is moving around the room and all other players should give the directions by saying “cold” (far) and “hot” (close).

Some of the students did not understand the rules, but still stayed playing. Others, played and enjoyed.

Scarlet and special needs in USA…

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