29 Jun

Sri Lanka – the last day in the “orphanage” #11

After the usual morning meditation, the sister thanked the volunteers who are finishing their special needs program today (Sophie, Michelle, Fey and me) for our dedication, love given and time spent in volunteering.

Everybody sang a gratitude song for each one of us: “Thank you, thank you, thank youuuu, thank you, thank you <name>. Thank you, thank you, thank you from my heaaaart…”. I felt proud and embarrassed at the same time.

After six months of volunteering with the students in the wheelchairs in Sri Lanka, Sophie is moving to Malesia and other Asian countries, staying out of the home in total one year. Her boss is waiting for her to return for so long because she is good, she explains. And I know it’s true!

I asked sister to assist in the class with the younger students (3-7 years old). This is the only activity I did not participate yet and as a person, who wants to try everything, I could not resist it. The activity included constructing lego and creating a sunflower. The students were distracted easily. Sometimes they threw the lego on the floor or jumped on our backs choking us and didn’t give up when we tried to release our throats from their strong grip. They were like little cute monkeys “glued” to their moms’ belly.

Sri Lanka - the last day in the "orphanage" #11

Michelle brought her trumpet to use it in the “goodbye party” and then to leave it for the students. I was leaving four games I brought from Israel.

At some point, J. and P. passed me a letter in Sinhala via Sophie. My level of Sinhala is limited to “Aubowan” (hello/welcome), “Hari” (good) and “Stuti” (thank you), so I could not understand it. There was a heart ♥ at the end of the letter, so I assumed that it was thank you or a love letter from one of the admirers. Later I asked Hemantha to translate it and understood that it was a wrong assumption. He explained that the letter was not written clearly and even it was not addressed to me. It was strange. They definitely passed the letter to me.

We received an approval from the sister to take our group photo. The volunteers are pretty ladies and handsome men, don’t you agree? 🙂

Sri Lanka - the last day in the "orphanage" #11

In the evening, when I was tired and my English listening skills were close to zero, a small group of volunteers was sitting on the floor in the accommodation. One guy offered me some strange rubbery Chinese food. I took it after making sure there is no meat in it. While I was already chewing the thing, he double checked the ingredients it and said (as I’ve heard it): “It a dolphin”. OMG!! I ate dolphin meat!?!?!?. Now I was double checking: “Did you say dolphin???”. He: “No, I said it’s a tofu!!”. What a relieve :)))))

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