18 Jun

Sri Lanka – the people

Sri Lanka - the people

The people in Sri Lanka are mostly friendly, honest and ready to help.

There is something outstanding in their smile. They smile like children – sincerely and pure.

Many times I’ve met honest Sri Lankians:

  • In a store. Me: show me these Sony headphones, please. The seller: you know, they are not real Sony, but the sound is good!
  • In the market I was paying with 5000 bill, thinking it’s 500. The seller: sir, it’s 5000. Me, giving him 100 bill: thank you, you are a good man!
  • The tuk-tuk driver in Ella didn’t have change and it was early morning so the stores could not change the 500 rp bill. I gave him the bill saying that it’s OK and he can keep the change. He wanted to ride and change by himself, but I said that it’s really OK with me if he’ll keep the change. He thanked and took off. After 15 min he found me in the train station and gave the change. I was surprised!

They can be open and freely share their life details with you. Be prepared for many questions, sometimes asked in a funny way: “Your country, sir?”, “Your name?”, “Your age?”

They work hard, while the salaries are very low. A teacher in a preschool can earn monthly 15,000 rp (100 USD). The education and medicine are free.

In the train from Ella to Kandy a father, pointing on his son with a smile: “Sir, my son wants to talk to you! He wants to say you good morning.”

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