01 Jul

Sri Lanka – the summary

Trying to summarize these two weeks of voluntourism Special Needs project in Sri Lanka…

It certainly was one of the strongest emotional adventures for me so far! The two weeks have passed like two months due to the amount and depth of the experiences. I can compare it to the 11 days of vipassana retreat I’ve done back in 2010.

So, what are the main points I’ll keep in my mind after the trip?

  • I liked the concept of voluntourism. It’s a good combination of two things I love: volunteering and traveling.
  • I’m satisfied with the impact, small or big, I’ve made on some of the students with special needs. I’m happy I’ve chosen this project, as I see it as the most difficult and rewarding one.
  • I’m satisfied with the internal transformation I’ve experienced by overcoming my fear and disgust and by widening my compassion level. I’ve grown professionally as well.
  • I’ve met many amazing like-minded people with similar values: other volunteers, Green Lion local staff, Daya Nivasa staff, Asiri preschool staff and local Sri Lankans. I observed and learned from them how to make a positive change in people life over a long-run period of time.
  • I enjoyed some parts of Sri Lanka: nature, animals, warm rains, people smiles 🙂
  • I liked the hospitality of the Green Lion local team especially the operations manager Hemantha, who has “We are happy if you are happy” approach. I felt welcome, safe, confident and comfortable in this country.
  • Although the majority of volunteers were of my older daughter’s age, I didn’t feel “old”. They are special, unique, deep and fun young people. Just look at them 🙂
  • I’m very grateful for this experience!
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Photo credit – Peter.


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