16 Jun

Volunteering in Sri Lanka via IVHQ/Green Lion

Volunteering in Sri Lanka via IVHQ/Green Lion

The dream finally came true! 🙂

I’ve heard about the concept of voluntourism a few years ago and dreamed to do it one day. I even wrote down these two components (volunteering and tourism) in my vision.

After a thorough research and after reading a lot of good material and also some controversial articles, I have chosen IVHQ organization and applied to the Special Needs program in Sri Lanka.

I decided to write the journal and publish it via my site, taking the risk to appear showing off, but hoping to inspire someone who considers such trip and also to give the real-time information to my family and friends.

My goal was to get to know Sri Lanka and its people, to experience working with children and teens with special needs to try to contribute a bit (as much as it’s possible during two weeks).

Volunteering in Sri Lanka via IVHQ/Green Lion

My IVHQ program coordinator was Samantha. She was awesome, answered all the questions I found in the article 10 Things You Should Look for in a Volunteer Travel Program, guided me through every step in the process while being always polite and patient. Everything ticked very well, like a Swiss watch! Great customers service!

My local coordinator was Dhammike. He provided me with logistics information and tips, helping me to prepare for the program.

On arrival, Hemantha, Sri Lanka operational manager and a very nice guy with a radiant smile, met me and other volunteers in the airport and took us to Kandy.

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